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300kt/a prebaked anode production line technical transformation project


Shandong Pingyin Fengyuan Carbon Co., Ltd. launched a 300kt/a pre-baked anode off-site technical upgrading project in 2019, with a planned land area of ​​246.17 mu and a total investment of 780 million yuan. The main construction content includes: petroleum coke automatic unloading system 2 Sets, 1 batching system, 8 large petroleum coke silos, 4 calciners, 1 high-rise building and forming workshop, 1 ring roaster, 2 raw anode and finished anode warehouses, flue gas desulfurization, 3 sets of comprehensive treatment equipment for denitrification and dust removal (dual use and one standby), and 2 sets of asphalt fume black dust removal system in the molding workshop.

The calcination process of this project adopts the current advanced automatic batching new technology, uses a fully enclosed large vertical warehouse, and a computer intelligent control system to accurately batch; adopts an intelligent full-system control platform to achieve intelligent factory management, greatly reducing labor costs; innovative adoption Petroleum coke drying technology improves the efficiency of the calciner. After the molding process is put into production, an automated assembly line will be formed. At the same time, advanced dust removal technology, full-process dust collection facilities, and full negative pressure workshop are adopted to achieve zero emission of smoke and dust during the production process; full-system intelligent control technology is adopted to realize computer-controlled unmanned operation. The roaster adopts an advanced furnace structure to ensure full combustion. At the same time, the most advanced automatic combustion control system in China is used to reduce natural gas consumption. Natural gas consumption can be reduced from the current 80m³/ton product to 40m³/ton product, saving 8 million cubic meters of natural gas annually; The introduction of multifunctional cranes and automatic anode assembly, disassembly, and cleaning equipment has thoroughly improved the working environment of employees in the roasting process, reduced labor costs, increased production efficiency and provided reliable guarantees for the safety of employees. The flue gas generated during the entire process is the first to use new dry integrated desulfurization, denitrification, and dust removal technologies, which greatly improves the level of environmental protection management.

After the project is completed and put into production, its production technology is a world-class, domestically leading, intelligent, clean, and efficient pre-baked anode production enterprise. It can achieve an annual sales income of 920 million yuan, a tax payment of 81 million yuan, and a profit of 120 million yuan. , Providing more than 500 jobs, making greater contributions to the revitalization of the local economy.

The project is currently implemented in an orderly manner as planned. We look forward to people with lofty ideals joining the team to help the development of the company. Friends from all walks of life are also welcome to visit, visit and negotiate business with the company to create a better tomorrow for Fengyuan Carbon!


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